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High-quality industrial products to German quality standards and Asian manufacturing make a perfect match if you do it the professional way! More than 40 years ago, Moellmann was one of the first German hardware suppliers that actively sought and found its way to the Far East.


We place great value on modern measurement and communication technologies. Test reports according to DIN norms and communication with our production facilities via video conferencing are standard. From the start of production to the dispatch of the items to you, the entire value chain is kept under supervision.

Our services

Moellmann manufactures your products in the Far East. Our selected and constantly supervised network production is regularly checked by our production offices and independent inspectors on site. This results in a reliability that equals German production, which ensures the quality of your products.

Semi-finished & finished goods, OEM

Industrial and precision parts, prefabricated parts, assemblies or semi-finished products, almost anything is possible. We process almost all common materials. According to your specifications.

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Design-oriented aluminum products

Design-oriented aluminum products can be processed in almost all conceivable shapes and alloys, with a virtually unlimited number of possible applications. They are corrosion-resistant, very lightweight and yet stable.

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Our toolmakers and manufactures work hand in hand to ensure that in the end your product will meet the technical requirements.

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In-house development and patents

In recent years, we have been able to develop products together with our industrial customers thanks to the Moellmann corporate development and the professional establishment of production abroad in the network.

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