Design-oriented aluminum products

Have your design-oriented aluminum products manufactured with us.

Aluminum products can be processed in almost all conceivable shapes and alloys, with a virtually unlimited number of possible applications. They are corrosion-resistant, very lightweight and yet stable.

Not only do we manufacture extrusion profiles, we are also equipped for efficient and cost-effective further processing and deliver ready-to-install end products. That way our customers can save storage and equipment costs.

Competent toolmakers manufacture cost-effective extrusion tools and thus keep your costs low.

Here is how we will deliver your aluminum products:

  • In standard lengths as produced or, on request, cut to your specifications (profile lengths of up to 5.80 m possible)
  • With all common surfaces (e.g. anodized E6/EV1, powder-coated or brushed)
  • Machined (e.g. milled, threaded or similar)
  • In special packaging developed in-house (in consultation with you, of course)

All you have to do is use the products. Try us!

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