Moellmann – more than 80 years.



Collaboration with key strategic companies in the Chinese province of Guangdong and establishment of another production liaison office in Guangzhou.


Moellmann is reinforcing its activities in China. In Shanghai and Ningbo, the network is once again strengthened with competent cooperation between additional companies and additional contract manufacturers in order to meet market requirements. Workflows, materials, machines, employees and other aspects of production can thus be better controlled while maintaining the quality.


Moellmann celebrates its 75th anniversary.

2005 - 2008

Moellmann plans strong strategic synergies in the cities of Shanghai, Wuxi, Ningbo and Changzhou for coordination and quality assurance in designated production liaison offices. Moellmann now has many contract manufacturing operations in China, all of which are managed by the production liaison offices established for this purpose. The process improvements also increase the quality of the projects. Technically highly demanding production processes can now be implemented. Customers now include leading companies that are operating worldwide. Moellmann has established itself as a competent partner for the planning and realization of industrial projects.


Moellmann successfully passes the first certification according to 'DIN EN ISO 9001:2000'. Moellmann begins to set up manufacturing structures in Turkey and China.


The company receives personnel reinforcement for sales and quality management. In addition to intensive project work, the department of 'quality management', which is required for this purpose, is becoming more important.


For reasons of age, Mr. Preugschas sells the company to Mr. Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Precht. Strategically important changes are taking place in the furniture industry. Meanwhile, the company has established its own contract manufacturing and sources of supply in the Far East. Mr. Precht takes advantage of the favorable situation and, in addition to the specialized trade, is pushing the second sales sector – the department 'Project Management Industry'. A 'new age' begins for Moellmann with various internal restructuring.


For reasons of age, Mr. Moellmann retires and leaves the company entirely. The former managing director of a pharmaceutical group, Mr. Werner Preugschas, buys the company and successfully continues to manage it with the help of his expert staff. At this time, Moellmann has more than 30 employees. The furniture fittings sector is booming. The German kitchen furniture industry is particularly successful. For the first time Moellmann starts cooperating with well-known Asian companies such as' Sugatsune' from Japan. At the end of the 1990s, Moellmann continues to be successful. The furniture industry is still loyal to dealers, but national and international competition is growing. A change is emerging.


Renaming of the trading company to 'Gustav Moellmann K.G.' Offerstraße 14 in Velbert. The founder's brother, Viktor Moellmann, joins the company and represents Moellmann as a wholesaler of furniture fittings and building hardware. The first catalogs and price lists are published.

In the coming decades, Moellmann grows to become a leading trading company for furniture fittings and building hardware. Moellmann has fittings produced on a large scale, with its own tools and with manufacturers in and around Velbert that are still well-known today. The company grows in terms of personnel and large warehousing. In the mid-1960s, the company moves to its current premises on 'Langenberger Straße' in Velbert.


Renaming of the company to 'G.Moellmann, Velbert', combined with the move of the company's headquarters to Velbert.


Founding of the company in Essen. Gustav Moellmann founds the Moellmann trading company.

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