If it needs to be done very quickly. > 6500 items and counting …

ERP — computer-assisted flexible logistics concepts

In its warehouses, Moellmann manages 6,500 products and variants. Every year, new industrial products are added by our customers.

This can only be achieved through computerized, efficient goods management.

Warehouse information as well as logistics and master data are available to each employee in the company via a computer at all times.

This saves time and annoying asking around. Through a computerized connection with our subsidiaries abroad, we always know the production and transport status of your products

You will receive answers to your questions more quickly, so you will be happy.

Nowadays industrial projects are often pressed for time. 

Initial samples need to be checked and approved quickly, the first shipment takes too long due to tight deadlines, or there is an impending production downtime because the customer got a quick additional order.

Moellmann has solutions to such problems:

We allow initial samples to be delivered from Asia within 7 days from completion.

Should the initial stocking of our warehouse at one point take too long, early deliveries of smaller batches of parts will be possible on request within 7 days from completion.

And if nothing works at all: we also deliver from stock by courier or overnight shipping.

That is, too, what we mean by service!

By the way: barcode-labeled packaging is possible on request.

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