Our specialists on site and in Germany work hand in hand and are constantly controlling the production.

Quality is our top priority

We use a wide range of state-of-the-art measurement and communication technologies. Test reports according to DIN norms are standard, as is communication with our on-site production facilities via video conferencing to save time and money.

From the start of production to the dispatch of the items to you, the entire value chain is kept under supervision.

We manufacture according to DIN standards or, on request, according to your own quality criteria. Just get in touch with us!

Maximum QA for your safety

From the beginning, Moellmann has placed great importance on this matter and for years has been developing it further, both in Germany and in our Asian subsidiaries. The Moellmann quality system is based on 4 pillars:

1. Dimensional inspection

All products undergo the drawing-related dimensional inspection both in our production facilities and subsequently in Velbert after delivery to the warehouse. With modern measuring instruments, our QA employees check all parts according to AQL and document the results in test reports.

This is done before shipping to Germany as well as before storage in Velbert. This ensures that both you and we are on the safe side.


2. Functional and visual check

These tests are also carried out on site at our production facilities in Asia, as well as in Velbert. Of course, the results will be recorded in relevant reports and documentation. Here we work with external, qualified inspectors.

3. Material testing

Moellmann goes so far as to check the materials used for their chemical composition. For this purpose, we use spectrography and, upon request, prepare material analysis reports for you. We can analyze the following materials:

  1. stainless steels (all variants)
  2. aluminum
  3. die-cast zinc
  4. steel

4. Special tests

In the case that your products are subject to special testing criteria, which are laboratory-based, we cooperate with international analytical laboratories. These are generally located near us (also in Asia). Therefore, if desired, you will receive

  1. chemical analyses
  2. surface analyses

as well as other test reports on your products.

Certification guaranteed

For many years, certification according to DIN EN ISO9001:2000, DIN EN ISO9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO9001:2015 has been the positive conclusion of our continuous improvement of our quality system.

All new and re-certifications have been free of defects from the beginning. Every year, our auditors certify that Moellmann, in view of the fact that the production is taking place in Asia, does great work in the field of QA.

This makes us proud and can give you a good feeling and trust!


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