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Delivery reliability and permanent warehousing

Delivery reliability

What good is a good price if the products don't arrive? It's good for nothing! For this reason, Moellmann over the years has been enhancing and optimizing its warehousing and delivery system. We are even able to supply to industrial customers according to the KANBAN system (and are proven to be successful in all cases)

The feature is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Permanent warehousing with contractual certainty
  2. Computer-assisted goods management system
  3. Flexible logistics concepts

Permanent warehousing

From the beginning, our goal was to be able to deliver within a few days from date of order. There should be no need for large stock-keeping on the customer's side.

The solution: contract-based 3-month stocks

The procedure is simple: You conclude the usual 9-month or 12-month framework contracts with us. We will be producing for you in advance and always keep buffer stocks ready for retrieval.

For you, this means:

  1. No waiting times because of shipments (starting from initial stocking of the warehouse)
  2. No expensive capital commitment
  3. Flexible, fast deliveries after order from the warehouse in Velbert

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