We have our principles …

Our corporate philosophy

Quality is only possible if a company adheres to its own principles and acts accordingly. As a business partner, you may and should measure us by:

Moellmann corporate principles

1. Goal-oriented, partnership-based cooperation between employees, customers and production partners is the foundation of our company.

2. We know about the connection between motivation, qualification and company success. We support our employees in the field of training and professional development, and our employees are awarded a share of the profits.

3. Our customers are our partners and decide on the success of our company:
- We need to solve the problems of our customers and meet their wishes
- We need to develop new products with our customers and partners and optimize existing products, so that economic value is produced and advantages in terms of technical design, quality and service become tangible.

4. We need to be more efficient, more flexible and faster than our competitors. Each day, we need to live up to these expectations!

5. Creativity, innovation and our ideas, together with a consistent and professional implementation, ensure our lead and our future.

6. We aim to establish a cooperative, long-term relationship with our production partners. The prerequisites for this are quality, delivery service, price and optimal problem solving!

7. Our goal is to manufacture our products perfectly and economically, as well as selling them professionally and delivering them reliably!

8. We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and the place we live in. We want to protect, shape and improve our environment!

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